Over the years, I’ve been lucky to work with some amazing suppliers! Here’s a list of those I’ve had fantastic experiences with, and am happy to recommend.


I can’t recommend the guys below enough - I’ve shot alongside all of them several times, and we work well together. It’s imperative that both videographer and photographer are creatively aligned to ensure the best outcome for you, so if you’re considering a videographer not listed below (or if these guys happen to be booked), please consult with me before locking anything in. Trust me on this!

Tango Films
Apertura Studios
Bottlebrush Films
Nathan Kaso
Directors Edge
True Story Wedding Films
C2 Films

A word of advice: I strongly discourage you from engaging Popcorn Films. Read why here.


The Eventurer
Popup With Style


Miss Ladybird Cakes
Cake Ink
Peninsula Cake Art