Please complete and submit the below run sheet template a minimum 1 week before your wedding. Complete the form in the order you see it displayed rather than jumping back and forth between sections as the fields will change depending on which options you select.

Here's a rough guide to photography coverage times for a typical wedding day timeline:

  • 60 minutes preparation time coverage for partner 1
    * allow for travel time from partner 1 to partner 2

  • 60 minutes preparation time coverage for partner 2
    * allow for travel time from partner 2's location to ceremony

  • Ceremony (30-60 minutes depending on what type of service you're having)
    * allow for 10 minutes of high fives & hugs from guests after the ceremony

  • Family photos - at ceremony location (allow up to 20 minutes and have a list prepared)

  • 60 or so minutes location and wedding party photos (don't stress if you don't have this much time.  We'll get great photos whether we have 30 minutes or 2 hours!). You might like to factor in 20 minutes for sunset portraits - sunset varies so look up what time it will happen on your wedding day, or ask me!
    * allow for travel time to and from photo locations

The best way to determine a start time for photography is work backwards from your ceremony time.  Please don’t hesitate to call me if you need any help or advice.