Please complete and submit the below run sheet around 1 week before your wedding.

Here's a rough guide to photography coverage times for a typical wedding day timeline:

  • 60 minutes preparation for each partner and their wedding party.
    * allow for travel time from one partner's location to the other, and then travel time to the ceremony location.

  • Ceremony (30-60 minutes depending on what type of service you're having)
    * allow for 10 minutes of congratulations/hugs/kisses from guests after the ceremony)

  • Family photos - at ceremony location (allow 15-20 minutes and have a list prepared)

  • 60-90 minutes for your portrait session photos.  Don't stress too much about this. We'll get great shots whether we've got half an hour or 2 hours!
    * allow for travel time to and from locations

  • Reception

The best way to determine a start time for photography is work backwards from your ceremony time.  Please call me if you need any help or advice.